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Sexual Betrayal Recovery Coaching

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God is our Way Maker.

When there is no way,

He makes a way.

tired of feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward

in Your marriage?

Let us help you move from heartbreak and pain to hope and healing so you can have the marriage you’ve always wanted!

Learn how to set healthy boundaries, open lines of honest communication, navigate emotional challenges, and rebuild trust step-by-step.

Connection and intimacy are more possible than you ever imagined!

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Imagine if you...

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Could trust your spouse and feel safe again

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No longer carried shame and guilt

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Had control over emotional triggers

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Knew freedom from addiction

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Felt completely known, loved and accepted

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Had someone to come alongside you for encouragement, support and accountability

What’s at the heart of

Sexual Betrayal Recovery Coaching?

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God above All

A scriptural approach to transformational change on your journey from brokenness to wholeness.

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Mutual Respect

We model and encourage valuing each other's perspectives and fostering an environment of trust and open communication.

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Total Surrender

We encourage total surrender to Jesus, inviting Holy Spirit to take the lead in your healing and recovery process.

Is this coaching For you?

YES, if...

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You are tired of feeling helpless and hopeless

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You want to stay married, but are not sure it’s possible

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You wish there was a way to truly connect with your spouse

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You want help to move forward in your healing journey

NO, if...


You are already successfully recovering and moving forward


You are confident that your marriage will recover and thrive on it’s own


You already know the steps to intimacy


You and your spouse are on the same page and connecting deeply

You made a significant investment for your wedding day.

Are you willing to invest in the future health of your marriage?

If the answer is yes, we have great news!

One-Hour Coaching Session


Ready to take the first step to gain clarity on your path to healing and wholeness? Book a one-hour coaching session with

Johnny OR Emily today!



Are you and your spouse looking for help to navigate your healing journey together?

Book a one-hour coaching session with

Johnny AND Emily today!

Book a session witH Johnny & Emily

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I can't even tell you how valuable Johnny and Emily have been

to my wife and I in our recovery after my infidelity. They have the real-life experience of the pain, grief, guilt and shame of betrayal. In Johnny’s coaching with me, he does not avoid the necessary tough things that might be hard for me to hear, but this is always done with a kind, gentle heart. He points me in the right direction for my healing, and the healing of our marriage. He understands where I've been and where I need to be to find real freedom in recovery and a new relationship with my wife, built on God, rigorous honesty, and emotional maturity.




Johnny and Emily are amazing people

both individually and as a couple. Their love for the Lord and others truly pours out of them as they give it their all to help others in their marriages and their walk with God. You will not walk away from them untouched in your marriage journey and your relationship with Christ. You owe it to yourself and your marriage to reach out to them!



Little Rock

Emily and Johnny are incredibly genuine

and willing to help others who are struggling. I am so grateful for the time, knowledge, friendship, and guidance they poured into me. I met them during a difficult time in my life and they helped me come out of it gracefully. Thank you so much, Emily and Johnny!




Hello Beloved! We’re

Johnny & Emily

And we have been where you are...

As a result of adultery fueled by pornography, the marriage vows we had exchanged as starry-eyed newlyweds were eventually shattered. But, through our faith in God, our hope for redemption, and a commitment to recovery, we set out on a journey of healing. We now have a marriage that continually blows our minds, and we give God all the glory!

We are the parents of 3 amazing humans, Lolly and Pops to 5 precious grand littles, entrepreneurs, newbie homesteaders and Certified Christian Life Coaches.

After 30+ years serving God in youth ministry, prison ministry, biker ministry, marriage coaching, leading worship and pastoral ministry; the devastating revelation of sexual addiction and infidelity in our own marriage showed us that even those who accept Jesus as Savior, love Him and serve Him, can fall into habitual sin and do ungodly things if they do not completely surrender to Jesus as Lord. We are excited to share with you all we have learned!

With God’s help, it is possible to recover what was lost, stolen, or given away. We know this because God has turned the ashes of our lives into something beautiful and we believe He can do that for you too!



How do I know this will work for me/us?

If you are willing to commit your marriage to Jesus, attend all sessions and apply the principles we guide you through, you will be successful in moving forward in your healing and recovery journey.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. If you show up to the session(s), apply the principles we teach and surrender to Jesus, you will see results!

Can I do this without my spouse?

We understand that not every spouse is ready to do the hard work of recovery, but we believe that one willing spouse can benefit greatly by having guided help to work on their personal healing and path forward. We do offer coaching to one spouse with options to coach with Johnny, with Emily or with both of us together.

What if I’m scared to invest?

We get it!! Ask yourself where you would like to be 6 months from now. What do you want your marriage to look like? If you feel you can’t reach that goal on your own, paying to have someone help you create that reality is money well spent, in our opinion!

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Marriages Redeemed, Hearts Renewed

“...with God all things are possible.”

Matt. 19:26b

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